About Us

Aqua Cut Technologies started as a subsidiary of Billet Proof Designs and Consulting, LLC. Beginning in October of 2005 as a small company developing CNC machined components and accessories for the offshore powerboat industry we would engineer, design and manufacture all parts for both OEM’s and distributors. In February 2008, we had the opportunity to purchase a new OMAX 80160 Abrasive Jet Machining Center and Aqua Cut Technologies was born. Aqua Cut Technologies is currently supplying an array of industries with highly accurate water jet cut parts to customers nationwide; however our core market remains in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and New York.

In April of 2020, Aqua Cut Technologies merged with CAVO Design Build, an architectural and custom fabrication outfit, to further the growth of both businesses and provide a wider range of services under one roof. With a team of talented and experienced design engineers, project managers and fabricators coupled with a 15,000 SF commercial space housing a multitude of machinery and equipment, the capabilities and potential to navigate through any type of project is here.

Both companies share the same management philosophy, that our customers are our most valuable asset. As a combined company, we aim to continue providing top notch customer service and unequaled part production paired up with the ability to design, engineer, fabricate and finish nearly any custom project or standard part you may have.