Why chose a water jet to cut your part over other types of cutting such as plasma or laser?

A water jet is the most versatile tool in any machine shop. Being able to cut any material except for tempered glass, the machine sets itself apart from the competition. Water jets have no heat-affected zones and impart zero mechanical stresses, leaving the material flat. These machines are also able to cut thicker materials and multiple layers can be stacked to optimize cutting times.

What type of materials can a water jet cut?

It would be easier to ask “what materials a water jet can’t cut”? As stated above, the only material a water jet cannot cut is tempered glass due to its extremely brittle nature.

What type of machine do you employ and what tolerance can it hold?

ACT uses a 2007 model OMAX 80160. This particular machine has a table size of 80″ on the Y and 160″ on the X. It can hold plus/minus 0.003″ repeatability over the entire table.

What sort of lead times can I expect?

If material is in stock or provided by you and your part requires water jet cutting ONLY, we can have your parts completed in a week. If material(s) need to be ordered, ACT works hard to have your parts in less then 2 weeks. Overnight services are also available at an additional cost.