Welcome to Aqua Cut Technologies, a Philadelphia area water jet cutting service offering comprehensive and customer service oriented abrasive cutting services.

Operating in Gloucester City, NJ, just over the Walt Whitman Bridge from South Philadelphia, Aqua Cut Technologies (ACT) prides ourselves on the ability to go beyond our customer’s expectations by providing superior parts in a timely manner.  From quote requests, to purchase orders and manufacturing, we constantly keep our customers up to speed on their products’ progress.  We have helped our customers implement Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturing so they have their products when they need them without carrying an excess of inventory.

ACT offers a complete line of services from mass produced part production to one-off product design and engineering.  We also have the capacity to machine and fabricate your parts.

Our customer base spans from large corporations that outsource their water jet cutting needs to machine shops that want to expand their services and abilities to homeowners that want to create a custom decorative touch to their home.

An abrasive cutting – jet machine center allows a company to service a wide range of industries.

Some of the industries we work include but are not limited to:

-Power Generation

-Fluid Transfer

-Automated Machine Manufactures

-Sheet Metal Fabricators

-Large Pharmaceutical Companies

-Sign makers and Printers

Water jetting can even improve a machinist’s productivity.  Often a water jet can be used as the primary machining operation and simple secondary operations can be accomplished after the part is water jet. For example, a large plate needs to be machined with tapped holes and thru bores for clearance purposes. A water jet can do everything except tap the desired holes. This process often saves valuable time if a particular shop only has smaller type vertical and horizontal machining centers

So, if you think water jetting is the manufacturing solution you need, please contact us with any and all of your questions, or simply head to our RFQ page, fill out the required information, upload a file if you have one and click SEND. We will have a quote to you within 24 hours of your request.